Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The g:Mini 3.0 is Released

The GoblinX Project is proud to announce the release of the new stable g:Mini distribution. The g:Mini 3.0 is released. The g:Mini formerly known as ‘GoblinX Mini Edition‘ is the son of GoblinX and contains only XFCE as the windows manager and GTK/GTK2 based applications. The edition is ideal for those users whose want to remaster the distribution.

Several Improvements and New Features:

· Linux kernel was updated to version;
· Linux Live scripts were updated to version 6.2.9;
· Updated AuFS to version 1.89;
· Updated SquashFS to version 3.4;
· Updated XFCE to version 4.6;
· Added the following applications: GXine, Ucview, Claws Mail, Epdfview, Gigolo and Twitux;
· Removed the following applications: Nautilus, Leafpad, Totem, Ristretto, Squeeze and Evince;
· The HDD installer was greatly improved;
· Added all the locales;
· A new boot splash theme was added (also supports 800x600 screens);
· Support for xz packages was added;
· Gigolo was updated to start minimized;
· Duplicated software was removed;
· Totem was replaced by GXine (contains all the MPlayer video codecs);
· Improved usability;
· Added suspend and hibernate options;
· Added slapt:// support;
· Ikkes Volume Manager was replaced by Thunar Volume Manager;
· Mount points are now handled by HAL;
· The system clock can now display time and date;
· ...and many other small bug fixes and improvements!

The GoblinX Project is a union of GNU/Linux distributions that use the same resources and are based on the excellent Slackware.The distributions are created by using Linuxlive scripts and the project is maintained by Flavio de Oliveira a.k.a Grobsch.


Click this link to DOWNLOAD and further information.

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