Friday, June 19, 2009

Macpup Opera

Macpup is a minimalist desktop Linux distribution based on Puppy Linux. It uses Enlightenment as the default window manager and provides a user interface resembling that of Apple's Mac OS X.

Macpup Opera is the latest from the Macpup team. It is based on Ttuuxxx's 4.2v2 Deeper thought, a "no Bling" version of puppylinux 4.2 with all of the current updates. It has dbus 1.2.4 compiled and installed from source and the Enlightenment e17 desktop version 0.17.999.060 compiled and installed from source with the updated version of librsvg 2.26.0 . Also included is the Opera 9.64 browser compiled by Ttuuxxx.Works with both Xorg and Xvesa video drivers. Runs all the latest e17 themes and backgrounds. There is an option on the exit menu to switch back to jwm, if required.
Release Announcement

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